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Oct 2

Design Philosophy: de_train_ve

Download de_train_ve on the Steam Workshop

After playing the CS:GO iteration of de_train, I immediately saw the potential of moving the outside bombsite while also being able to reintroduce several popular gameplay mechanics that defined the essence of the map over the past decade.

de_train_ve draws inspiration from de_train in CS:GO, CSS and 1.6 along with the introduction of several new features as well. Improving player enjoyment and balance on the map was paramount for this new version. Some ways in which I determined that this could be achieved were by:

  • Increasing the size of areas where players were being funneled
  • Increasing player readability
  • Reducing the number of areas of danger in certain positions
  • Allowing for a more even distribution of action across the map


By looking at the heat map, the areas where players are being funneled into tight spaces is apparent.

Reduced Player Funneling


The above picture shows one example of a player funnel on the current de_train in CS:GO.

By removing the pillar, increasing the space between the train and the back wall and removing the green trash container, movement in this area is more fluid.

Several other player funnels around the map were improved as well by:

  • Removing the pillar bisecting alley on the CT side
  • Moving 6 train further from entrance in T middle
  • Increasing the size of the ladder room
  • Adding extra space between the trains and the entrances to the back lanes
  • Widening playable space between train lanes

By referring to the heat map above for each of these scenarios, it can be seen how these implementations will help to mitigate the effect of player funneling.

Improved Readability


White paint and white boards were added in key areas of the map to improve player readability

Areas of Danger


This scenario from the original de_train is overwhelming for an attacker as a defender can appear from any of these areas of danger. In several of these locations, only the defender’s head will be visible.

Balancing the Map


According to the statistics from HLTV.org, CT’s have a slightly larger advantage on de_train in CS:GO than they do in 1.6


The above image shows the location of the bomb train in three versions of train. de_train_ve moves the bomb train under the center lane, different from both CS:GO and CS 1.6

  1. The new location of the bomb train is closer to the terrorist choke points compared to its prior position in 1.6 which was closer to CT spawn.
  2. Attacking the bomb train from alley is now much more viable than in any other iteration of de_train.
  3. This new location is enclosed providing more cover for terrorists planting the bomb rather than being out in the center of the yard.
  4. Moving the bomb train under the arches promotes the utilization of the entire outside yard. The heat map at the beginning of the article demonstrates how the back lanes rarely see any action in the current iteration of de_train in CS:GO.
  5. Terrorist spawn points were slightly improved allowing for effective rushes.
  6. Areas of danger in the outside bombsite were reduced so attackers are less overwhelmed by a multitude of defensive locations.


The revamped alley is more spacious and provides more cover for terrorists staging an attack.

  1. The removal of the pillar transforms two small funnels into one large choke point for more fluid gameplay.
  2. The alcove on the right was widened allowing reprieve for terrorists staging an attack as well as an additional aggressive vantage point for CT’s to utilize.


Due to the placement of the bomb train in the back lanes and balance changes made to the alley, the spawn ramp area will once again be an important defensive location

  1. This area will once again see important battles taking place. The heat map from the current de_train indicates action rarely ever occurs here.
  2. The ledge along the right side of the wall by CT spawn ramp was removed. Players are no longer able to hide on the ledge in this location.
  3. Defenders are no longer able to obscure themselves behind the boiler units due to the placement of pipes.


Several improvements were made in the new version of T middle.

  1. A duel from T middle to CT middle is now possible but can be easily avoided due to the small size of the angle.
  2. Once a player crosses the small dueling angle in middle, they can attempt to pick off an alley defender or exit the middle behind the safety of the 6 train without being seen from CT middle (shown in the above picture on the right).
  3. The train is further away from the T middle choke point reducing the player funneling effect apparent in the CS:GO version of the map.
  4. Compared to 1.6, the train is closer to the T middle choke point allowing terrorists much easier access to the top of the train as well as the cover provided by the train itself.
  5. The top of the 6 train can be cleared from safety inside of the terrorist choke point.


The CT Tower has been retained and balanced in de_train_ve.

  1. The depth of the tower was reduced to prevent players from hiding out of sight from players on the yard.
  2. Removed physical cover which made eliminating a hiding defender extremely difficult without going up into the tower.
  3. The intermediate roof leading up to CT Tower was also removed as it caused troublesome firefights where the player on the roof only had their head exposed during combat.
  4. Compensating for the lack of cover, mobility has been increased as the player is now able to jump out of the tower onto the ladder train as well as the ledge underneath the tower.


The new ladder room on de_train_ve

  1. The new ladder room divides the action into more than one section. The heat map above shows how saturated the action in this room was beforehand.
  2. In order to watch for players coming down the ladder, the defender must be more committed to watching the position since the ladder is tucked away behind a wall.
  3. The dimensions of the ladder room are larger in order to lessen the effect of player funneling.
  4. Snipers can no longer pick into the ladder room from the yard.


A homage to the bathroom halls

  1. The heat maps indicated that the bathroom area in the white halls was almost never the host to any action. Since there are already two parallel routes in the white halls leading to the same location, the bathroom hall was superfluous.
  2. By removing the bathroom hall, the map is slightly more straightforward as the bathroom added unnecessary complexity to the layout. This also makes defending the flank as a terrorist more manageable since this is one less route to be concerned about.

Train Models

The train models received a visual face lift while also allowing players to crawl underneath them thanks to the work of Lenz ‘penE’ Monath. Eliminating all visibility and clipping concerns between gaps in the trains was a top priority. Gaps allow players to spot and shoot their enemies while being virtually impossible to distinguish. Players have trouble distinguishing when they are safe or exposed through gaps in the train models on de_train in CS:GO.



The original train models from de_train have gaps and clipping issues

  1. It is possible to spot opposing players underneath the trains while it is impossible for them to return fire as shown in the picture above and to the left.
  2. There are large gaps all around the train model exposing enemy players through them.
  3. The collision models do not accurately match the gaps in the train model.


The new train models on de_train_ve allow players to crawl underneath

  1. There are no gaps or collision model issues on the new train model.
  2. Players are able to crawl underneath the trains.
  3. The configuration of the ladders on the back of the trains allows for players to deploy advanced ladder movement techniques to their advantage.

coL.tr1p utilizes the ability to crawl underneath the trains to pull off a stunning clutch vs Lunatic-Hai at the Electronics Sports World Cup in 2005

  1. Being able to crawl underneath trains allows players to duck out of the line of fire due to the straight lane layout of the bombsite yards.
  2. Players can perform stealthy maneuvers providing them an additional aspect of the game to master and utilize.
  3. Since the main source of cover on the map are the trains themselves, being able to interact with the trains in as many ways as possible allows for more strategies to be deployed. Players can choose to play from underneath the trains to reduce their exposure to enemies and flashbangs but the trade off is reduced mobility.
  4. Increased brightness underneath the trains so players are not obscured by shadows.
  5. With the distance between the bottom of the train and the ground large enough to crawl under, all scenarios where a player is visible to the enemy underneath a train without being able to return fire are eliminated.

Bomb Plant Spots

Players can plant the bomb underneath, on top of and also beside the bomb train. This offers safety from a variety of different angles so planting the bomb should be straightforward task. The wide variety of bomb plant locations opens up the potential for interesting after-plant scenarios.

imagePlanting the bomb in the outer bombsite

  1. Planting on both the front and back sides of the train is safe.
  2. The new electrical box provides cover from CT middle while planting the bomb.

imagePlanting the bomb in the inner bombsite

  1. Planting on both the front and back sides of the train is safe.
  2. It is possible to plant on the back side of the train using the box car train as cover.

You can read the complete change log from the release of the map here as well as the change log from the latest update here.

Download de_train_ve on the Steam Workshop

Sep 5

Competitive Redesign of de_train - Updated with Custom Train Models

One week ago, I released the first iteration of my competitive redesign of de_train. I was thrilled to see the community buzzing about the new map.

While creating a map that is enjoyable and designed for competition was my primary goal, the next thing to address was the aesthetics of the map. CS:GO has produced some beautiful maps and I hope that de_train_ve can also fit into that category.

I hired the extremely talented Lenz “penE” Monath to help address the issue of the outdated train models. His most recent projects include contributions on the latest de_cache as well as cs_museum.

Along with updating the train models, I’ve also made a few minor tweaks and bug fixes per community feedback.


Server operators not using the Steam Workshop version of the map will need to update their files manually to be compatible with the new version of de_train_ve.




de_train_ve (old)


de_train_ve (new)






Map Wide

  • Implemented custom train models
  • Increased the height of all trains
  • Removed short ladders from sides of bomb trains
  • Added additional unobtrusive detailing
  • Added four different colored train variations to both improve aesthetics and allow players to more accurately communicate locations

A Bombsite

  • Replaced “4 lane” train on the CT-side with a “flatbed” train. Player can no longer see clearly over smokes.
  • Decreased length of bomb train so a bomb planter is less exposed to CT-mid (“Z”) and CT spawn ramp
  • Increased height of both e-boxes to allow player to use e-box when jumping from train-to-train
  • Increased length of ladder train to allow player in CT-tower to jump to the train
  • Moved “6 lane” train on the T-side closer to T-middle to allow T’s easier access outside and decrease sight lines from CT-mid (“Z”) and CT-tower. 

B Bombsite

  • Increased length of train near upper ramp to allow player mode latitude to strafe between upper ramp and parallel train
  • Increased length of pop-dog train to create a greater distance between the CT side of pop-dog and the T’s closest bomb plant zone.
  • Moved flatbed closer to the upper ramp ladder, to allow more variation in T and CT positioning
  • Re-added railing by “Z” connector train to allow player to jump from the railing to the top of the train

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bomb disappearing when planted on train tracks
  • Fixed bug where bomb could get stuck in T-spawn behind the sandbags
  • Fixed bug in brown hall where player could be boosted above the lower ramp

Competitive Version of Train for CS:GO Released

Months in the making, I’m happy to announce the release of my competitive version of CS:GO’s train, named de_train_ve.

Download on Steam Workshop:


Update (August 21, 2013  @ 1:05:00 AM EST):

  • Fixed glitch causing the radar not to properly track player movement
  • Fixed missing strap on missile box in the inner bombsite







Over the past year, it’s been such a pleasure to watch my first CS:GO map, de_nuke_ve take off. The best leagues and tournaments in the world were quick to switch to the map for competitive play and not long after, Valve took what I built and implemented the changes into the live game.

I hope that the changes I’ve made to de_train will have a similar impact on both the competitive and casual CS:GO communities. As always, I welcome any league or tournament to feature this map in competition.

I want to thank the community for the overwhelming amount of support I’ve received and hope that you find as much enjoyment in the new competitive de_train_ve as I do.

Why I Created de_train_ve

Of the official maps, de_train is one of the least played maps in both competitive and casual play. Similar to de_nuke, changes to de_train in CS:GO greatly changed and limited the amount of different playstyles available compared to previous versions of Counter-Strike.

Similar to my changes to de_nuke and the layout of de_cache, the primary driver behind changes to de_train was simplicity. Hopefully by modifying angles, opening up the layout, repositioning trains, removing clutter and gaps from props, de_train_ve will be a more balanced and enjoyable map for competitive play.



  • Ladders have been added to the backs of all trains, rather than the sides
  • Height of trains has been reduced
  • All cracks found between train wheels have been eliminated
  • All trains modified to allow player to crouch and move underneath trains
  • Reduced size of elevated flooring in “A” and “B” bombsites to allow player to move underneath trains
  • Subtle lightning has been added underneath all trains to improve visibility and decrease the chance of player models being able to hide in shadows
  • T spawn points moved slightly forward
  • Adjusted CT spawn points to have more variety
  • Hanging light fixtures no longer block player movement

"A" Bombsite

  • Moved the bomb train from the middle of the yard to the CT-side of “5 lane”. This allows playstyles on the map to be more similar to those in previous versions of Counter-Strike while providing terrorists with slightly easier access to the bombsite.
  • Added an electrical box between 4 and 5 lane. New box provides cover from CT-mid (“Z”) for T’s planting the bomb
  • Simplified layout of “T-Tower” and also increased the depth of the tower’s platform
  • Simplified layout of “CT-Tower” and also decreased the depth of the tower’s platform
  • Added a long rectangular missle box on top of the bomb train
  • Moved short ladders located on the middles of the bombtrain to the ends of each side
  • Modified bomb train so player can jump onto bomb train from any angle, instead of just the ends and via ladders
  • Increased height of T-middle entrance to “A” bombsite to allow for more nade options and increased visibility
  • Under “T-tower”, removed beams that restricted player movement
  • Added white paint to the end of CT-alley so player model no longer blends in to the wall
  • Added white paint to the end of lower CT-spawn, behind the hump, so player model no longer blends in to the wall
  • Added white board to CT-mid (“Z”), so player model no longer blends in to the wall

"B" Bombsite

  • Added additional train model to “2 lane” on the CT-side
  • Added additional train model (generally referred to as flatbed) to the “1” lane on the T-side
  • Added a long rectangular missle box on top of the bomb train
  • Moved short ladders located on the middles of the bombtrain to the ends of each side
  • Modified bomb train so player can jump onto bomb train from any angle, instead of just the ends and via ladders
  • Player can now stand on top of tall ladder, found on the upper side of the “B” bombsite


  • Created more space in the ladder room. Modified the angles to allow for more flexibility when excecuting strategies
  • The cubby on the T-side of alley has been blocked off
  • Widened portions of the alley, allowing for different gameplay opportunities for both CT and T players
  • Added two spammable boxes to replace the sandbangs. New boxes are flush to the wall to eliminate unnecessary gaps between objects and the wall
  • Replaced both water tank props in brown hall with two eletrical units. Player can now more safely use props for cover rather
  • Added aesthetic detailing and props to T-spawn
  • Added aesthetic detailing and props to white halls
  • Removed short wall that blocked player movement in T-middle
  • Blocked out cubby in T-middle
  • In T-Spawn, heading towards alley, pushed green dumpster up against the wall
  • In T-Spawn, heading towards alley, blocked out visibility through the fence when in the dumpster room
  • Player can now jump on several small existing power boxes located on walls
  • Removed ledge above CT-spawn stairs
  • Added pipes by CT-spawn stairs to prevent player from hiding behind the wall
  • In CT-mid (“Z”), player can now stand on existing elevated platform

Bug Fixes and Optimization Improvements

  • Removed fog
  • Eliminated clipping issues when shooting bullets near ladders and train edges
  • Eliminated clipping from new electrical box
  • Clipped all staircases so player moves smoothly along the stairs
  • Railings in the T-Tower, CT-Tower and along the upper “B” bombsite ramp no longer block bullets or nades
  • Changed the windows in the white halls to be translucent rather than reflective
  • Fixed bug where player could stand on invisible ledges found along the backwall between upper and lower entrance to “B” bombsite
  • Fixed bug where player could get boosted onto a pipe in “6 lane”
  • Fixed bug in alley ceiling where nades were previously blocked despite the space being open to the sky
  • Cleaned up brushwork in Hammer World Editor
  • Cleaned up compiling errors in Hammer World Editor
  • Applied the nodraw texture to brushwork that is not visible to players
  • Minor FPS optimizations

Eliminated Elements

  • Removed extraneous bathroom path in the white halls
  • Removed awning from “T-Tower”
  • Removed AC unit prop from “T-Tower”
  • Removed AC unit props from “CT-Tower”
  • Removed barrels surronding bomb train
  • Removed biohazard tanks from “A” bomb train
  • Removed biohazard tanks from “B” bomb train
  • Removed yellow headshot-level garbage cans from “A” bombsite
  • Removed pole previously positioned in the middle of the CT-side exit of alley
  • Removed sandbags from alley
  • Removed water tank prop from alley
  • Removed sandbags from CT-side of “6 lane”
  • Removed green dumpster from “B” bombsite
  • Removed cart from “B” bombsite
  • Removed both water tank props from the brown hall to the “B” bombsite
  • Removed railing by the lower “hump”, found on the “B” bombsite side of CT-mid (“Z”)
  • Removed green dumpster from CT-mid (“Z”)
  • Removed green dumpster from outside of ladder room, in the outside yard
  • Removed wooden pallets from outside of ladder room, in the outside yard
  • Removed boostable fence and simplified the area on the T-side of alley
  • Removed small extraneous stairs blocking line of sight at T-side upper ramp
  • Removed support beams on the upper ramp that restricted player movement and line of sight
  • Removed support beams on the lower ramp that restricted player movement and line of sight
  • Removed large ceiling pipe in CT-mid (“Z”) that previously blocked player movement and nades
  • Removed intermediate roof leading up to CT-Tower
  • Removed horizontal beams in the brown halls

de_cache released for CS:GO

I’m proud to announce my custom map, de_cache, is now ready to be played in CS:GO. I welcome any leagues, tournaments and servers to use the map.




Design Goals

  • High player visibility in all areas of the map
  • Devoid of clutter as to not obstruct a player’s movement and vision
  • Support for several different types of play styles to be successful
  • Balanced for competitive play


Sep 6

Tweaking the Kill Reward System in CS:GO

In theory, CS:GO brought along a great mechanism for weapon balance by tweaking the monetary value awarded to the player after landing a frag.  In practice however, the values chosen for the rewards were too extreme and also did not accurately take competitive play into account.  I believe that this idea can be tweaked to perfection over time and provide more balance and incentive to each gun without decimating the intricacies of the economy system in competitive gameplay.

The original intent

Valve’s original intent of altering the kill rewards was to provide more incentive for the team strapped for cash to invest in weapons rather than just performing a full save round.  If the team was able to get two or three kills but still lose, they would be able to recoup much of their expenses and not fall too far behind economically while giving them a larger chance to win the round at hand.  Also, guns that were typically neglected would become more appealing.

The problem

As it stands now, guns that have always been used on anti-eco rounds now reward the player a whopping $900 per kill.  This allows the winning team to further snowball their advantage. 

There are a few reasons SMG’s are so effective on anti-eco rounds:

  • SMG’s have a fast rate of fire
  • SMG’s are great against unarmored targets and significantly weaker against armored targets
  • SMG’s are inexpensive

These weapon traits mean that players using SMG’s can mow down unarmored targets with ease.  Should a player from the winning team die, there isn’t much of a risk of their team losing the round due to the enemy getting their hands on the SMG which is ineffective against armored targets.  If it were a rifle that made its way into the hands of the other team, their chances of winning the round increase tremendously.  Also, the dying player’s bankroll isn’t damaged as severely as it would have been if they had lost a rifle instead of an SMG.

Working towards a solution

As we can see, there are a several factors working contrary to Valve’s initial intent given the current implementation of the kill reward system.  Below, I attempt to create suitable monetary kill rewards to make the weapons in the game appealing and balanced without altering current weapon behavior and prices.  By having extra monetary incentives based on the weapon used, the player has more factors to consider when making a weapon purchase.

Weapon reward guidelines

  • Rate of fire
  • Accuracy
  • $ Spent/Kill Ratio
  • Damage
  • Efficiency vs armored and unarmored targets
  • Frequency of use compared to similar guns

New Kill Rewards

Team Kill Penalty

The penalty for killing a teammate should simply be the inverse of the kill reward.  An AK-47 would award the player $300 for a kill and -$300 for a team kill.

  • Very straightforward and easy to understand
  • Players are not excessively punished for team killing in a competitive match since killing their teammate is punishment enough
  • Retains the economic variables of team killing in a much less extreme manner
  • Guns with the highest kill reward also have the highest team kill penalty


Table containing suggested pistol kill awards

  • The side specific pistols award the player with $450 which provides these pistols a unique benefit to make up for their lack of appeal when compared with other pistols such as the P250
  • The reward for pistols is not greater than $450 as that would greatly skew the amount of money players have in the second round
  • Extra layer of complexity in weapon strategy as players can use their sidearm to finish off a helpless or wounded foe to earn $450 instead of using their primary weapon
  • The P250 has a slight reduction in kill reward as it is already an extremely powerful pistol at a low price of $500


Table containing suggested SMG kill awards

  • The most effective SMG’s at winning anti-eco rounds do not reward the player with extra money
  • Low cost SMG’s that the losing team can afford offer a slight bonus to cash reward
  • Keeping an SMG that awards extra cash is very dangerous vs rifles and deagles


Table containing suggested heavy weapon kill awards

  • Shotguns provide extra cash since they are risky to use for the winning team on anti-eco rounds
  • The MAG-7 is the most powerful and versatile of the shotguns so it provides the least kill reward.
  • The XM1014 is an underused and expensive shotgun so it provides the largest kill reward
  • The M249 currently makes very little sense to buy compared to the Negev so it is given a large kill reward bonus to add extra incentive
  • The Negev has a slightly larger than standard kill reward since it is the most expensive gun in the game and purchasing it will quickly drain a player’s funds


Table containing suggested rifle kill awards

  • The standard four rifles remain unchanged
  • The SSG 08 (scout) awards the player $900 per kill and can be utilized for low money/surprise buys since the player can recoup a lot of their costs with a kill or two
  • The SG 553 provides $150 more per kill than the AUG since the price discrepancy between the SG 553 and AK-47 is twice the price discrepancy between the M4A4 and AUG
  • The AWP kill reward was tripled to $150 which should suffice as the AWP is an extremely cost effective gun
  • The kill reward for the autosnipers was increased to $450 since they are the most expensive rifles and are also underused


Table containing suggested miscellaneous kill awards

  • Knife kills were reduced to $600 since they are typically the most common in pistol rounds or when a team already has a large lead
  • The Molotov kill reward was bumped up to compensate for their large cost and low probability of getting a kill
  • Decoys, flashes and smoke kill rewards were increased to $600 since they are so uncommon that a player should be rewarded for getting a kill with one of these grenades

Final Thoughts

This is a first pass at these values and will likely require some further tweaking.  I believe that these new kill rewards are a step in the right direction as they attempt to balance the weapons while providing the player with more interesting decisions than the current kill rewards in CS:GO.

Improving the CS:GO HUD

The introduction of the “quick round status” HUD element at the top of the screen was a great improvement for Counter-Strike.  However, I feel that it does not live up to its full potential.

This image shows the current CS:GO HUD displaying match score instead of players alive, along with red skulls for dead CT’s

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Aug 2

Design Discussion: de_nuke_ve - Part I

In reference to my new map de_nuke_ve: Competitive Version of Nuke for CS:GO Released

There are a few additional aspects worth mentioning about de_nuke_ve that may not be obvious at first.

1.6 Style Door Rushes Are Possible Again

From the angle shown above, simply toss a HE grenade at the door which will destroy it.

Your teammates rushing behind you will then be able to throw flashes and smokes directly over the boilers from far back in the lobby (increased the size of the entrance to squeaky making this possible).

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Aug 2

Competitive Version of Nuke for CS:GO Released

My new competitive version of nuke for CS:GO has been released.

Download Mirrors:



I’d like to thank Valve for giving me their support in creating this map.  I welcome any league or tournament to feature this map in competition.  With the community’s support there is a chance that one day it can become the standard for de_nuke in CS:GO.

This map was featured on the official Counter-Strike website here with the announcement of the Map Workshop.

Check out this awesome article highlighting some of the changes I made on this map over at ESEA News

Why I created the map

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, de_nuke received several changes from its previous iterations that greatly limit the options in available playstyles.  The removal of the outside backhall limits the attacking options of the T’s as well as limits the rotating options for CT’s.  In addition, CT’s have even less incentive than ever to focus their attention on outside as the option for T’s to sneak through the backhall and wreak havoc is completely eliminated.

Nuke was one of my least favorite tournament maps in both 1.6 and CSS to compete on due to the limited options available to the T side.  One of my main goals in creating de_nuke_ve was to make the range of effective strategies more diverse than has ever been possible on any version of de_nuke.  I also attempted to remove props that didn’t positively contribute to gameplay while also maintaining the high aesthetic quality of the original map.

Additional Design Commentary on de_nuke_ve

Design Discussion: de_nuke_ve - Part I

Video Highlighting Major Changes

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Improving the Spectating Experience in Counter-Strike - Part I

Filling the seats for CS:GO

One of the largest obstacles preventing Counter-Strike from being as active in the tournament circuit as League of Legends and Starcraft II is the lack of interest in spectating tournaments.  I believe a large cause of this dwindling interest is due to the shortcomings of HLTV/SourceTV and the limited amount of in-game information available to the spectator when stuck in a first-person POV.

In Starcraft II, the viewer isn’t locked into the eyes of one unit.  The viewer is able to see all of the action unfold right before their eyes.  Compare that to Counter-Strike.  You might be watching a player throwing a fake in bombsite B on de_dust2, but while this is happening, you would be missing the intense firefight on catwalk.  Often times, you wouldn’t be able to see the effect this fake had on the round at all. 

It’s also extremely difficult for first time viewers to understand what is happening as they are placed in the middle of an unknown 3D environment.  They are unaware of locations where enemies might be and unaware of which areas of the map are crucial.  In games like Starcraft II and League of Legends, this information is much easier to absorb as the viewer watches an overview of the action.  In those games, the spectator doesn’t need to know what part of the map is around the corner as they can already see.

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